Aug 28
New Art Exhibit on Display at University House Wallingford: My Favorite Things

Virtual Art Tour: My Favorite Things Exhibit at University House Wallingford

University House Wallingford has new art on display at our community! We’re so grateful to the local artists who are using their talents to help brighten our residents’ days. We are looking forward to the day when we can invite our neighbors and friends into our community to view our beautiful art. Until then, please enjoy this video we put together showing some of the artwork from the My Favorite Things Exhibit.

In this captivating art exhibit, University House Wallingford residents, family, and staff, as well as Seattle Co-Arts members present original work and art from private collections.

Exhibiting resident, family, & staff artists: Doug Acker, Cynthia Adcock, Joe Adcock, Bob Blair, Beverly Calvert, Barb and Bob Denis, Bob Fujimura, Vel Gerth, Amy Godes, Asa Daniel Grekin, Shirley Grekin, Roy and Priscilla Grundy, Willa Halperin, Elizabeth Hansen, Fred Hansen, Shirley Harlow, Yasuko Kodama, Mika Kodama Chew, Betsy Kruse, Kunizawa Kazue, Marilyn Kussick, Suzanne Mitchell Mahoney, Debbie Maier Guildner, Joel Maier, Virginia Morrison, Howard Neslen, John Nicon, Augie Petroff, Joanne Petroff, Hal and Betsy Piper, Cordie Puttkammer, Celia Reed, Katheryn Reed, Emma Reid, Betty Ann Rizk, David Saxen, Barbara Schneider, Susan Selvey, Ricky Sims, Christopher Stanley, Esther Tajima, Mary Truesdell, Anita Warmflash, David White, Tom White, Margaret White, Michele Yanow, Nancy Zager, Robert Zager.

Seattle Co-Arts award winning artists: Keith Artz, Sharon Grader, Virginia Lynn Kerr, Joan O’Byrne, Paula Parks, and Jen Sonneborn.

Curated by: June Sekiguchi

Pictured above: Tea with Cherries by Keith Artz, Watercolor, 33 x 41 inches, 2010, photo courtesy of the artist