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Find Connection and Joy In Everyday Living

Era Living offers eight senior housing options from independent living to assisted living. Our family-owned communities are designed for seniors and their families, providing a vibrant environment with year-round beauty. We honor older adults by enhancing their lives with arts, culture, and holistic wellness programs. Our partnerships with the University of Washington Schools of Nursing, Pharmacy, and Social Work bring education and support to our residents. Choose Era Living for a unique senior living experience tailored to your lifestyle.
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Thrive with a holistic approach to healthy aging

Era Living retirement communities help you stay engaged and connected—while covering the cooking, cleaning, care if you need it, and more. We believe in a holistic approach to healthy aging and our extensive activity calendars are designed to help you flourish.
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Engage in arts, culture, stimulating activities and beauty

You would never think of the word “facility” when you walk onto one of our beautiful senior living properties. You’ll find meticulously landscaped gardens with year-round color, elegant common spaces with Chihuly glass and rotating, professionally curated artwork, exquisite cuisine, and a caring staff that feels like family.
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Benefit from our long-standing partnerships

We are proud of our long-standing partnerships with the University of Washington Schools of Nursing, Pharmacy, and Social Work, which help us bring education, support, and evidence-informed wellness programming to our residents.
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A Reflection of the Neighborhood

From the historic to contemporary, Seattle’s neighborhoods and surrounding cities reflect many different personalities. And each Era Living retirement community is designed to reflect those personalities with fascinating art, beautiful surroundings, and a thriving social scene.
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How To Get Started

Explore our resources on researching retirement living options, what to expect when visiting, planning a move and more.

Is Senior Living For You?

When deciding whether to stay within your own home or move into a senior living community, there’s a lot to consider. How do you know if you’re making the right decision? Use our guide to help answer these questions and more.
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Top Questions To Ask

When starting to search for a retirement community, many people often find themselves with questions or uncertainty about what to ask. To assist you on this journey, we have assembled a list of commonly asked questions to serve as a helpful guide.
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Downsizing and Planning a Move

At Era Living, we recognize how overwhelming it seems to even contemplate a move. We provide important information and calming coordination to help simplify your move.
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