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There’s nothing more important than family. For founders and owners Eli and Rebecca Almo, who were born and raised in Seattle, it’s that family philosophy that fuels their commitment to residents and staff every day.

Since 1987, Era Living has been dedicated to fostering a healthy and engaging environment of whole body wellness, culture, warmth, and social fulfillment — providing compassionate care and enriching activities at all eight communities it manages. It’s this type of innovative and vibrant approach to senior living that makes Era Living communities feel like home.

Our Era Living Story

Every day the teams work to deliver on a mission to respect and honor older adults by enhancing the quality of their lives. With a legacy of over 35 years, we've refined our values to ensure that our actions align with our promises. Respect, integrity, innovation, improvement, teamwork, and excellence stand at the forefront of our decision-making processes, guiding us towards providing the best care and support possible.

Era Living opened its first retirement community in 1987. However, the story began years earlier. Local founders and owners, Eli and Rebecca Almo, had spent a decade in the real estate development business and felt compelled to do something with a higher purpose. Something with meaning that represented their core values and beliefs.

The Almos noticed a void in the marketplace for providing compassionate and professional care for seniors. They wanted to offer an enriching retirement community with an elevated quality of programs, services and amenities that treated retirees the way they should be – with honor and respect.

With this goal in mind, the Almos started a unique relationship with the Seattle Education Auxiliary, which owned and operated Ida Culver House Ravenna – a retirement community for retired teachers. They purchased the community with an agreement to develop a new community, which ultimately became Ida Culver House Broadview in 1990.

Shortly thereafter, in 1995, The Lakeshore was developed. Meanwhile, at Ida Culver House Broadview, Eli and Rebecca noticed many residents were retired professors of University of Washington. This prompted the start of a new relationship with the University of Washington Retirement Association, which fueled the development of University House Wallingford in 1997.

Growth continued as the University House Issaquah was built in 2002 and The Gardens at Town Square was acquired in 2002. The Almos now had six fully established and operational retirement communities.

In 2006, Eli and Rebecca embarked on the process of re-examining the company’s values, promoting their mission to inspire a holistic approach to senior living, filled with passion, energy and happiness. They continued to establish such communities in the area, including Aljoya Mercer Island, which opened 2008, and Aljoya Thornton Place in 2009.

With their contemporary design, technology, and innovation, these two communities provide a retirement setting that is truly incomparable. Eli and Rebecca continue their mission today, constantly seeking out new ways to enhance the lives of seniors so that they may age with healthiness, happiness and respect.

As a small company, we have had a large impact on the industry. We have always (and continue to) lived our mission statement, “To respect and honor older adults while enhancing the quality of their lives.” Many companies say, “Residents come first” but I know from my years with Era that we never waiver from this important mission.
Marla B.
Executive Director, Aljoya Mercer Island
I love working at Era Living because even though we come from all over the world, everyone here shares the same values.
Matt B.
Director of Human Resources
The feelings and the community are most important. It’s the residents that live here, that you’re making friends with, and forming relationships. It’s the staff that care and want to do their best for you and our residents every day. That’s the most important part.
Danielle P.
Executive Director, Aljoya Thornton Place
I have worked many jobs throughout my profession and this one is my favorite, for so many reasons! My peers are a ton of fun, we are all hard working and focused on caring for our residents, but we also care about one another. We help each other out for the good of the community as a whole.
Dion C.
Community Relations Director, University House Issaquah
In my nearly two decades with Era Living I have been able to help hundreds of seniors find a special place to call home. Era Living staff have a common bond of valuing our residents and working together to serve them.
Mariah R.
Community Relations Director, Aljoya Thornton Place

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