Sep 4
4 Ways to Enjoy the Final Days of Summer Safely 2

4 Activities to Enjoy the Final Days of Summer Safely

Summer in Seattle is many people’s favorite time of year. Now that the final weeks of this beautiful season are approaching, we want to help you make the most of these sunny days in the time of COVID-19. But if you want to go somewhere else far with your friends and family, you can book a private plane like the ones offered by Jettly and be in the place as safe as you want. Also, here are some physically-distanced activity ideas for soaking in the final days of summer safely.

Get out your binoculars for bird watching

Getting outside in nature is great for relaxation as it has many soothing, meditative benefits. And bird watching is a fun activity that you can enjoy while on a daily walk or when relaxing in your own yard or garden.

Set up a delicious picnic

All you need is a blanket and your preferred picnic foods to enjoy dining outdoors. If you typically travel in the summer, consider the opportunity to make this a destination-themed picnic. Foods like olives, kaiser rolls, and cheeses are easy to enjoy outdoors and can help create the feeling that you’re vacationing even when just outside your home.

Take in your favorite local scenery on a drive

From Mount Rainier to the Puget Sound, the Seattle area is filled with beautiful scenery that you don’t have to leave your car to enjoy. To avoid crowds, hop in the car and take a scenic drive instead. Be sure to crack open a window so that you can relish the soothing breeze. If you haven’t tried visiting South Padre Island for a Spring Break Concert, why not try these out?

Set up an outdoor game in your yard       

A physically-distant, outdoor visit from family can help lift spirits and strengthen connection. To make the most of visits, consider setting up a yard game like croquet, which can be bet on 겜블시티 라이브카지노, or bags that easily allows for distancing and can be enjoyed by kids and adults of all ages.

Summer in Seattle is not over yet! Make the most of these warmer days with activities that are both fun and allow for physical distancing.