December 4, 2020

The Benefits of Working with a Senior Move Manager when Moving into a Retirement Community

Planning a Move

Moving to a senior living retirement community is the start of an exciting adventure for many older adults. But the older we get and the more belongings we accumulate, the more complicated the actual moving process becomes. This is where a senior move manager can step in to help provide support.

Why work with a senior move manager?

A senior move manager specializes in assisting older adults in a move. They work side-by-side with you to coordinate each step of the process, from choosing which furniture to bring to deciding how best to live in the new space. Senior move managers keep the schedule on track and can help to prevent you from getting overwhelmed and frustrated.

In addition to coordinating the move, a good senior move manager will also provide steadiness for you and your family. Moving can be a very emotional time, and not everyone is fully ready for the transition. And even when a move is going well, unanticipated stressors and family difficulties can come up when emotions may already be running high. For everyone involved, it can make a difference just to have someone neutral to talk to.

How a Senior Move Manager Can Support the Downsizing Process

In most senior moves, seniors are trading a larger space for a smaller one that’s easier to navigate and care for. This almost always calls for downsizing of belongings, and it’s an important part of moving where a senior move manager can be incredibly helpful.

Move managers often face their biggest challenge when a person hasn’t downsized enough. People often form an emotional attachment to belongings, which can lead them to take too much when they move. And too many belongings in any size of home can create a hazardous situation, especially for seniors who have a higher fall risk.

This is where a move manager can step in to help what could be an overwhelming experience feel more organized. They work with you to measure what will fit in your new space, and help you let go of what could cause clutter. They may also help you find available self storage units for the items you are not ready to let go.

Finding a Senior Move Manager to Start the Moving Process

Professional senior move managers work in both national and local companies (like the National Association of Senior Move Managers and Gentle Transitions). Their roles may also be included at senior communities (Era Living’s Aljoya communities offer this service). Depending on the move manager services and source, there may be a fee, or it may be free of charge.

If you have already selected a retirement community, talk to their staff to learn whether or not they offer free moving services. And if they don’t offer free services, ask for move manager recommendations for professional movers. Many senior living communities have already taken the time to vet companies. They can share which move managers their residents have had positive experiences with in the past.

Those who join Era Living’s Aljoya communities can take advantage of the moving services of Catherine Arendt, the dedicated senior move manager for Aljoya Thornton Place and Aljoya Mercer Island. And at the remaining six communities, Era Living refers seniors to the move managers at Seattle-based HB Move Management.

It’s Never Too Early to Start the Downsizing Process

As the move manager for Era Living’s Aljoya communities, Catherine Arendt has discovered one simple, unchanging truth in her 15 years of experience. Whether the move is in five years or five months, she’s seen how critical it can be to start downsizing as early as possible.

And as a move manager, Catherine works to provide as many resources as possible to all future residents. Her goal is to empower everyone with the tools and motivation needed to be part of their own downsizing solution. She leads the Era Living Downsize to the Right Size workshops that go with Era Living’s free downsizing guide of the same name.

Reach out to learn more about working with a move manager at Era Living. In the meantime, get our free downsizing guide, along with some tips on ways to start downsizing today.