Oct 20
Simple Steps Freshen Up Senior Living Homes for Fall

Simple Steps Freshen Up Senior Living Homes for Fall

Welcome friends and family into your senior living surroundings with warmth, just in time for fall.


Spring cleaning is a time-honored tradition. But what about tidying up before the cold weather blows in? Freshening up your senior living apartment for fall sets a warm tone in your home. This is also a great time to contact drain cleaning services in Irving, TX or a licensed plumber in Seattle to avoid clogging of drains which can be difficult to deal with during the winter. It is also advised to schedule a heating service like these Murfreesboro, TN HVAC service experts to prepare your heating system for the heavy usage this season.

“A cozy home on a cold day is so pleasant,” says Era Living Downsizing Expert and At Your Service Manager Catherine Arendt. “As a transitional season, fall gives us an opportunity to prepare for cooler months ahead and encourages us to welcome friends and family into our homes.”

Arendt specializes in helping Era Living’s newest residents downsize before moving in, and helps coordinate floor plans. Senior living residents often turn to her for advice about home organization and decor.

For fall, Arendt offers six simple tips to enhance apartment homes inside retirement communities.

Organize Your Closet

Clothes can be organized in your closet by season so they are easy to find.

Start by sorting through summer clothes. Set aside the clothes you did not wear and no longer care about. Donate those items. Wash and mend the summer clothes you like. This way they will be ready to wear next year. Do the same for your fall/winter clothes.

Double check: Are your coats and jackets ready for the season? Gather hats, scarves, gloves and boots. Place them in the front of your wardrobe, or near the front door.

Build A Better Bed

Cooler weather can usher in a great night’s sleep. A few preparations can maximize your zzz’s. One advantage to living in a senior living community is the staff.  Ask to have your mattress turned. Clean your comforter, blankets, and pillows. If you sleep with the window slightly open, place an extra blanket at the foot of your bed. The most advanced hospital beds for home care are now available online.

Decor idea: Add some warmth to your surroundings by placing a throw, and add decorative pillows in your living space.

Get a Light

In Seattle, storms are a certainty. Check the batteries in flashlights and emergency lighting in case of power outage. Have you tried battery-operated candles? They look and smell like real candles, but are safe to have in your senior living apartment home. You can hire experts near you if you’re looking for a licensed electrician who can install lighting or if you need help troubleshooting electrical problems. If your house gets damaged by a storm, you may need to hire a storm damage repair contractor.

Store the Good Stuff

Sort through your pantry and remove outdated food. This creates space for a supply of non-perishable food to have in case you don’t want to go out on a rainy or snowy day.

Get fancy: Many gourmet food companies make delicious, organic, canned soups. The soups are available in most grocery stores. Pair a bowl with table water, rosemary, or whole grain crackers.

Bring in the Color

Spend a little time outside on a nice, dry, fall day. Collect colorful leaves and pinecones. Place the leaves and pinecones around your home. You can style vignettes on side and coffee tables, or make a centerpiece for the dining table.

Fashionable Fido & Spiffy Spot

As the temperatures cool, don’t forget your pets. Do your four legged loved ones wear coats too? Make sure doggy coats and sweaters are in good working order so your best friend stays dry on the morning walk.

Soggy paws? Keep a dry washcloth in your coat pocket to wipe your pet’s paws at the end of the walk.

If you would like to know more about downsizing, and organizing your belongings for a senior living move, please consider attending one of Catherine Arendt’s workshops. Attendees receive a complimentary copy of our downsizing booklet with helpful tips and tricks for the big move. More information here.