Oct 25
Aljoya Resident Says Yes, Gains Blessed Life

Aljoya Resident Says Yes, Gains Blessed Life

Exceptional People Call Aljoya Thornton Place Home.

Aljoya Thornton Place resident and community leader, Reverend Bob Nicholson is featured in an article in 3rd Act Magazine.

At Aljoya Thornton Place, we all know Rev. Bob as a person who encourages us to say yes to new conversations. He sets excellent examples, and leads others to engage in the community.  Through shared service, passions, and actions we get to know each other in kind and lovely ways.

Rev. Bob’s love of nature inspires all generations to care for the environment. In the 3rd Act Story, Rev. Bob spells out why his recent work on the Thronton Creek project is so important.

Seeing Rev. Bob’s story in print, and distributed throughout the Seattle area is a point of pride for all of us who know him.  Please click here to read Rev. Bob’s full story on 3rd Act Magazine’s web site.