Sep 24
Pet Friendly Seattle Retirement Homes Host Yappy Hour 1

Pet Friendly Seattle Retirement Homes Host Yappy Hour

The dog days of summer may be on their way out, but at Era Living retirement communities, every day is a dog day! At Ida Culver House Broadview and Aljoya Mercer Island Yappy Hour is a fun tradition. At Yappy Hour, residents and their furry companions come together to socialize and nosh. The interactions tend to be lively, with refreshments for both humans and canines alike.

Barks Break the Ice: Meeting New People in a Retirement Community

Yappy Hour offers Era Living residents a relaxed way to get to know neighbors. Having a dog is one of the easiest ways to meet others and start conversations like dog care and such. It goes both ways: it can feel easier for non-dog owners to approach and chat with the dog’s family. Meeting dog owners with their dogs can help you get a sense of someone’s character. Observing how they relate with their canine can give you insight into other behaviors.

Sometimes, the choice of breed can reveal a lot about personality and preferences. And you might find commonalities through the dog. Maybe your childhood family pet was the same breed, or maybe the dog’s name is your favorite. Dogs have a great way of helping break the ice. The first conversation can open up the opportunities for many more.

“Yappy Hour on our garden patio is a fun way for residents to meet each other,” says Ida Culver House Broadview Life Enrichment Director Stephanie Butler. “Dogs offer us something to smile about. When we exchange smiles conversation comes easily. Then, all of the sudden you have a new friend.”

Yappy Hour Is Open to Everyone

And you don’t have to be a dog owner to enjoy Yappy Hour. We welcome any resident who wants to meet some pups and chat with their neighbors. In fact, we encourage it!  While research on human-animal interactions is still relatively new, the National Institute of Health reports that in some studies, interacting with animals has reduced stress.  And it can boost moods. While some of these benefits come about from the longtime bond between dog and owner, interaction with animals can be therapeutic in the moment too. A happy, cuddly puppy or a calm older dog cheers up anyone, right?

“Dinner invitations and lingering chats are what Yappy Hour is about,” says Aljoya Mercer Island Life Enrichment Director Maria Arellano. “I’ve seen folks walk in looking sort of serious and leave laughing.” 

Social Connections for Seniors and Pets

You might already know that social connections are just as important for dogs as for their human counterparts. Dogs are wired to be social. And it’s considered important to help your dog interact in a variety of different situations, whether it’s at a dog park or a public outdoor event. Social surroundings also offer the opportunity to train your dog in the important rules of situational behavior.

Dogs Welcome at Era Living Retirement Communities

Yappy Hour is just one of the ways that Era Living accommodates residents with furry companions. For anyone with a pet considering a move to a senior living home, the issue of pet admittance is right up there with location and affordability. At Era Living, we understand how important that relationship is for our residents and your quality of life.  We welcome your pet to settle right in with you.

So, is it five o’clock yet? Stop in at one of our Yappy Hours to get some puppy endorphins and meet your future friends. The treats are waiting—for you and your pup!

If you’re exploring the idea of moving to your own senior living home, we’re here to answer your questions. Take a look at our Era Living community locations and get in touch via our Contact Us page.

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