Apr 14
Mother’s Day Gift Guide for Seniors

Mother’s Day Gift Guide for Seniors

This year we will celebrate mothers across the country on Sunday, May 8th. For many of us, finding meaningful ways to honor an older mother or grandmother on Mother’s Day can be something of a challenge.

For this reason, we created this gift guide. It contains ideas we’ve witnessed the mothers who call Era Living communities “home” enjoying over the years and other suggestions an older parent might love to receive.

Meaningful Gifts for Older Moms on Mother’s Day

 What is most important to the moms in your life?

It often helps to ask yourself that question as you are trying to find a gift they will truly enjoy this Mother’s Day.

Nostalgia and Family on Mother’s Day

 For many mothers and grandmothers, family is what is most important in their lives. Spending time together and sharing a celebration that honors your family’s bonds can make Mother’s Day special.

Here are a few ways you can do that:

  • Gift of Time: Create a Mother’s Day coupon book with vouchers your mother or grandmother can trade in will no doubt be appreciated. Depending upon their interests, you could include coupons for a spa day and lunch at their favorite restaurant. Computer lessons from a grandchild might be another one to include.
  • A Family Tree: Exploring genealogy is a favorite activity for many older adults. You could work with your mother to explore your family’s history in greater detail and have the grandkids help to create an actual “tree” to hang each branch of the family on.
  • Family Video: It’s never been easier to take family photos and turn them in to a fun video. Apps like FlipaGram or iMovieMaker are easy to master. You can save the video to your loved one’s tablet device or smart phone so she can enjoy it again and again.
  • Family Calendar: Another meaningful gift might be to create a family calendar. List family birthdays and anniversaries for each month along with favorite family photos.

Pamper Your Mother

 Moms often put everyone’s needs ahead of their own and don’t splurge on themselves very often. This Mother’s Day, find ways to pamper your mom.

  • Day at the Spa: Schedule a spa day for the women in the family to enjoy together. Let your mom pick which indulgences she is most interested in. She might be interested in facials, massages or even botox injections to make her look younger. If your mother lives in a senior living community, you might also purchase gift certificates to the on-site beauty shop. She can use them to enjoy a manicure or a new hair style.
  • Bring the Spa to Her: If mobility issues make it a struggle for a senior loved one to get out very easily, bring the spa to her. You can see if your favorite local salon offers these services, or use a spa on-demand app so you can enjoy a facial, manicure, or pedicure together!

Mother’s Day Gifts to Encourage Healthy Living

 Your mother might also appreciate a gift that makes it easier for her to live a healthier life. Because healthy foods often come with a higher price tag, seniors trying to live on a retirement income might cut corners at the grocery store.  And belonging to a local gym isn’t always convenient or affordable for older adults.

Here are a few suggestions to consider this Mother’s Day:

  • Buy your mom a gift card to a local health food store or produce center
  • Purchase a membership to a senior-friendly fitness center
  • Enroll your mother in a fruit of the month club
  • Create a gift basket of DVDs made up of senior-friendly fitness activities she can safely perform at home such as Chair Yoga or Tai Chi

Gifts to Help Your Mother Stay Connected


Research shows that older adults who stay physically and mentally active have lower rates of illness. Staying connected with friends and the community can help your mother lower her risk for depression, diabetes, high blood pressure and obesity.

These gifts make it easier for her to enjoy a healthy social life with peers:

  • Gift cards to a few of her favorite local restaurants
  • Cover the registration fee and supply expenses for an art or craft class your mom is interested in
  • Purchase movie theater gift cards so she can enjoy a movie night with friends

We hope this guide has given you the inspiration you need to honor your loved ones this Mother’s Day!