Feb 5
Era Living Memory Care

Introducing Era Living Memory Care

We are excited to announce the launch of a new program, Era Living Memory Care. This program, offered at The Terrace at The Gardens at Town Square and coming soon to The Terrace at Ida Culver House Broadview, provides personalized and compassionate care in a secure, home-like environment. A cornerstone of Era Living Memory Care is the adoption of the Best Friends™ approach to dementia care.

The Best Friends Approach

The Best Friends approach is based on the notion that what a person living with dementia needs most is a best friend. They need a person who empathizes with their situation, remains positive, and is dedicated to helping them feel safe, secure, and valued. This approach is evidence-informed and designed to foster empathy and connection between staff and residents. David Troxel and Virginia Bell developed The Best Friends approach while working at the University of Kentucky Alzheimer’s Disease Research Center.

“Our goal in launching Era Living Memory Care and expanding our memory care offering is to help improve quality of life for more people living with dementia,” says Era Living Vice President of Operations Nisan Harel. “The Best Friends approach helps create more meaningful connections, more engagement with the world, and a real sense of purpose.”

More than 250 Era Living team members recently trained with David Troxel, Best Friends pioneer and internationally recognized expert on dementia care. The Best Friends approach is now an integrated component of Era Living Memory Care.

“As part of this new program, our memory care professionals learn and use the life stories of residents,” says Era Living Regional Director of Health & Wellness Albert Munanga, who has a doctorate in behavioral health. “Knowing the history and personality of each resident empowers our memory care team to communicate in caring ways and find activities that resonate with each resident.”

Personalized Care, Rooted in Compassion

Learn more about Era Living Memory Care and the Best Friends approach today.


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