May 5
Era Living Partners with the UW School of Nursing to Champion Active Aging

Era Living Partners with the UW School of Nursing to Champion Active Aging

Healthcare focused on people who are doing well is different, especially when it comes to older adults. Yet, it is exactly what a partnership between Era Living and the University of Washington (UW) School of Nursing seeks to do. As science advances, so does our knowledge about how to live long and healthy lives.

Through collaboration, UW nursing professionals and Era Living residents are blazing a trail that leads to healthier lives for older adults.

For 20 years Era Living, and its eight Seattle-area communities, have collaborated with the UW School of Nursing to develop active aging programs. This collaboration has led to pilot programs to research innovative approaches. Through these pilot programs, nursing leaders gain data and insight through access to approximately 1,500 Era Living residents. The residents who volunteer gain tools for better health, while empowering nursing professionals to help more seniors.

Recently, COLUMNS, The University of Washington Alumni Magazine, featured an article about this longstanding partnership. The piece highlights the work of the UW School of Nursing Department of Biobehavioral Nursing and Health Informatics Assistant Professor, Oleg Zaslavsky, whose work is supported by Era Living. Zaslavsky is working with Era Living residents to track active behavior and encourage more of it.

To download the article, please click here: COLUMNS 2017.