March 5, 2021

5 Ways to Celebrate Women’s History Month this March


March 1 kicked off Women’s History Month, and there are plenty of ways to celebrate and explore the stories behind the well-known trailblazers, fighters, and those who persisted. These activities offer ways to celebrate women’s accomplishments, and to support today’s women in their plans for tomorrow.

Start a virtual “women in history” discussion group

Gather a group that you can meet with using online platforms like Zoom to talk about strong women in history, the obstacles they faced and overcame, and the legacy they leave. Each member of your group might choose a woman based on their favorite education or industry field, time period, activism, or social service area (like the Red Cross, started by Clara Barton). Books, documentaries, and reputable internet sources can provide great information and education for these discussions.

Gather a virtual book club focusing on women authors

If you’re in or among a group of active readers, suggest focusing on women writers and topics in the genre of choice for March. To add more diversity and expand the options, you could suggest that the group take on at least two books to talk about, with 2–3 people reading each book. (And remember, book clubs don’t have to be serious!)

Research the women in your family

This could be a great activity to do with a daughter or granddaughter. Draw inspiration from the women ancestors in your family, through memories, photos, letters, and factual documents. And this doesn’t have to be limited to those who came before: it’s also a great time to recognize relatives who are blazing their own brave paths. You might be surprised by the interesting facts that come out!

Donate resources to benefit women

Whether locally or internationally, there are plenty of woman-focused organizations that need support. To make your donation as meaningful as possible, it’s good to think carefully about what’s really important to you and how you want to see women thrive. You may want to support a local women’s shelter or an activity-based nonprofit like Girls on the Run. If you want to see women’s education continue to grow, you may consider starting a scholarship or donating to a reputable STEM organization. And keep in mind that contributing your skills and support by mentoring or tutoring (whether in person or virtually) can have just as much impact as money.

Celebrate your own history

Take some time to write down or go through the most important parts of your past. Think about accomplishments you’re proud of: your most meaningful life events, strong relationships, periods of struggle and growth, or the most fun you’ve ever had. It’s commonly seen in society that women don’t celebrate their own lives—but it’s never too late to start.

We hope these ideas inspire some fun ways for you to celebrate women’s history this month! Check out our full blog list for more lifestyle ideas and senior resources.