May 7
4 Ways to Show Your Appreciation for Nurses this Week

4 Ways to Show Your Appreciation During National Nurses Week

The nurses in your life may be family, friends, employees, or caregivers for you or your loved ones. Whatever your relationship, they will love expressions of appreciation—especially during this time. Here are some ideas to say thank you and help them feel special.

Give ways to self-care

Busy nurses are often on their feet for long shifts and physically supporting patients. They may love some ways to relieve fatigued, sore, or tight muscles and joints. Heat- and cold-therapy pillows and gel pads can ease tense neck or back muscles or an aching head. Tools for home massage therapy, like foam rollers and massage balls for pressure points and feet, can be a big help in the absence of a professional massage therapy session. (When in doubt, go with a low-level or gentle resistance.) And for more therapy at home, consider soothing bath salts and calming teas and essential oils.

Say thank you with treats

Food can nourish, delight, and relax us, and it can be a comfort in times of stress. You may want to send gourmet cookies or treat them to a special meal with a restaurant gift card. For gift cards, we recommend making sure it’s also good for takeout. If you love to cook or bake, giving them a delicious dinner, the ever-popular banana bread, or healthy energy cookies could be a boost when they’re on the go or have a long shift ahead.

Video of gratitude

If you know how to edit video clips in an app like iMovie gather a small group to record short 30-60 second videos expressing thanks and appreciation for the nurse(s) you have in mind. The videos can then be compiled together for a tribute they can keep and watch anytime.

Creative cards and flowers

Flowers and small potted plants are always a failsafe option. With so many varieties of flowers and greenery, you could also make it a personalized gift by creating your own floral arrangement. Employers of nurses and caregivers may also consider awarding their exemplary employees with custom engraved plaques.

No matter how simple, a heartfelt and personal thank you carries its own meaning for the person receiving it. Depending on how creative you want to get, you may want to make an original card with some of these ideas.

At Era Living, we want to show gratitude to all the nurses who are working hard to protect others every day, and especially during this pandemic. Help us say thank you during National Nurses Week by showing your appreciation for the nurses in your life. We hope these ideas inspire!