May 8
How to Celebrate Mom While Social Distancing

How to Celebrate Mom While Social Distancing

Social distancing has challenged us to get creative in celebrating special days from a distance. While some restrictions are being relaxed across the US, many seniors may need to stay in quarantine or practice social distancing until health conditions are safer. For those seniors, being unable to spend time with family on a special day like Mother’s Day may feel especially lonely and hard. These ideas offer ways to help make the mom(s) in your life feel extra cherished and connected during this time of distance.

The drive-by parade

Now a trend for birthdays, graduations, and other special events, nothing says “special day” like decorated cars all honking for you. Make it a festive few minutes with banners, balloons, silly string, and party music. Staying a safe distance away, the drivers can still drop off cards and gifts and let the neighborhood know how amazing their mothers and grandmothers are. Need a few more cars to make it a proper parade? Ask your friends to join in and offer to “pad” their parades in return.

Lawn and sidewalk art

Have your mother look out their window and see a special message just for them. Chalk-drawn sidewalk messages could be a simple “I love you, Mom”, words of encouragement, or a line from a song like “You Are My Sunshine”—along with bright rainbows and flowers, of course.

If they’re on their own property, there are plenty of fun ways to decorate their lawn and front porch with some help from Amazon or even the local florist. Whether you’re going for silly or sweet, think about what would make them smile and what they would want on display (and then offer to clean it up later!).

Video messages of love

If you know how to edit video clips in an app like iMovie, record short videos (60–90 seconds) with messages of love during this uniquely challenging Mother’s Day. The important thing is to remind this mom how loved she is and to help her feel connected. The videos can then be compiled together for a loving tribute they can keep and watch anytime.

Video call party

If your family is missing time together, get the kids and adults on a group video call for Mom. Apps like House Party, FaceTime, Zoom, and Smilebox Live are great options (all free at the basic level) to help Mom see all her favorite faces. If your mom or grandma has access to a smartphone and the internet, it’s just a matter of setting it up and sending a link. And with a sparkling drink, you can all toast Mom and remember funny and sweet family stories together.

Memory and photo books

Your mom may have been your person to lean on during a critical time of your life, helped you learn life-changing lessons, or been the person you laughed with the most. Let her know your most treasured memories with a few sentences about those times. It could be several short memories, or one long one—whatever speaks to you. And it could be as crafty or simple as you want to make it, from scrapbooking materials to a beautiful blank journal and a calligraphy pen.

Photo books, calendars, and wall prints are also wonderful gifts for Mother’s Day and any time of year. Sites like Shutterfly, Zno, Vistaprint, and Mixtiles offer many options to display the photos you know she’d love.

A home spa

Along with many men and women, Mom may really be missing her regular hair and nail appointments. Whether in person or by package delivery, you can give her a spa day at home with plenty of luxurious options. Sugar scrubs, face masks, candles, manicure kits, massage oils, heated neck pads, and scalp massagers are just a few things to help her feel both relaxed and a little back to her routine. You may also buy organic nail polish in Australia from Beach Toes™ by Sambora® and paint her nails yourself. If you can’t be there in person, set up a video call for some self-care together.

Belly laughs

Laughing together is always a mood booster and makes any day feel more fun. If you can’t have a movie night in person and the mom in your life has internet access, you can settle in together for a funny movie, TV show, or online skit via Netflix Party or Airtime. If nothing else, some of these Mother’s Day cards that sum up social distancing may help you appreciate the humor in this challenging time.

Celebrations for mom this year might have to be different, but that doesn’t mean they have to be less special. We hope these fun ideas inspire you to get creative on how you can honor moms this Sunday.