May 12
Why Move to a Retirement Community While You are Active?

Why Move to a Retirement Community While You are Active?

There are many myths and outdated stereotypes about senior living. One of which is that you should wait until you need assistance with life’s daily activities to make a move. In reality, moving while you are active and independent allows you an opportunity to get to know the community and to fully participate in the wide variety of programs retirement communities have to offer.

If you’ve been putting off considering a move to a vibrant senior living community, here’s why it’s time to stop in and learn more.

5 Advantages of Moving to a Retirement Community Sooner

From prevention programs to continuing education opportunities, here are a few reasons to consider a move to a retirement community.

On-site Wellness Programs and Partnerships with the Health Care Community 

Senior living communities encourage resident wellness by making it easy to access fitness programs that often range from meditation and yoga to indoor pools for swimming.

Residents at Era Living communities also benefit from our partnerships with local health care leaders. Our long-established relationships with the University of Washington Schools of Nursing, Pharmacy and Social Work help drive our Wellness and Active Aging programs.

Our in-house transportation services make it easy for residents to get to physician appointments and to attend to other health care needs.

Freedom from the Burdens and Expenses of Home Maintenance

If you or an older loved one has been tied down because of the duties home ownerships requires, a move to a senior living community can set you free! You will have freedom to travel, spend time with loved ones, and to take advantage of the many life enrichment programs you will find on campus and throughout the greater Seattle area.

Everything from lawn care to routine maintenance is done for you. We even offer Concierge services to make retirement living a little easier!

Nutritious Meals Served in a Beautiful Dining Environment

Senior living communities offer a wide range of dining choices from flexible, quick food options to fine dining. At Era Living communities, residents can enjoy chef-prepared meals over good conversation with friends.

If you aren’t ready to leave the cooking to someone else completely, you  can still enjoy preparing your favorite meals in the full kitchen in your apartment (offered in most apartments).

 Enrichment Programs for Body, Mind and Spirit

In addition to wellness programs, seniors who move to a retirement community can take advantage of a variety of life enrichment programs. Activities ranging from computer training to current event discussions, garden clubs, fitness programs, volunteer opportunities, cultural events and movie nights take place all the time. Off-site trips are also part of the programming so you can enjoy the trips without having to do all the planning.

 You can view the Community Calendar for any of the Era Living communities to see just how much there is to do each day!

Cost Efficient Solution

The good news is that many of the services and amenities you desire are included in the monthly fee. If you were to pay for all of these separately, you’d soon realize how quickly the costs add up. From gourmet meals to utilities to transportation and gym memberships, you’ll find that a move to a senior community is a good lifestyle and financial choice.

We extend an open invitation to you to visit any of the Era Living communities. Contact Us to schedule a time for your personal tour and to meet a few of our residents!

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