Jul 22
University House Issaquah's Annual Health Fair

University House Issaquah’s Annual Health Fair

University House Issaquah welcomed more than 200 people, and representatives from 25 health organizations, to its annual health fair which focuses on older adults. The health fair happened July 21 and was free to attend.

Attendees benefitted from the fair’s educational focus by attending workshops and lectures from leading care providers, exploring care solutions through one-on-one conversations with clinicians, and learning about new options for disease prevention with a number of nutrition and exercise professionals.

“It is clear to us that people here enjoy a very high quality lifestyle and understand that staying well is an important component of a vibrant life,” says Era Living Regional Director of Quality Improvement, Albert Munanga, DBH, MSN, RN. “Everyone who came is willing to work to be healthy. This generation of older adults is most impressive.”

A couple of years ago, the team at University House Issaquah recognized demand from residents who wanted to know more about strategies for healthy living and have a centralized place where they could gather information about a variety of approaches.

“This is very relaxing and that’s part of being healthy,” said University House Issaquah Resident, Sherry Patterson. “It really feels good to be here, and to be a part of all of this learning.”

“We thought why not bring a health fair here and invite everyone to learn with us,” explained Mr. Munanga. “It’s open to anyone who wants to learn, and we bring together some very important minds in the field of health.”

University House Issaquah partnered with Virginia Mason, Costco Audiology, Optical and Pharmacy, the YMCA, Cascade Integrative Medicine, and a variety of local organizations focused on healthy aging.

Attendees enjoyed healthy snacks, and access to new and nutritious recipes with access to:

  • Free health screenings and assessments for balance, blood pressure, chronic pain and issues related to inflammation.
  • One-on-one conversations with naturopathic doctors, nurses, pharmacy professionals, nutritionists, and acupuncturists.
  • Advice from leaders in guided meditation, licensed massage practitioners, and fitness professionals.

The University House Issaquah team and its partners for better health are already planning for next year, with continued focus on wellness, prevention, and easy access to health care leaders who focus on older adults.