Nov 28
Senior Living Myths May Be Keeping You from Living a Rewarding Life

Senior Living Myths May Be Keeping You from Living a Rewarding Life

Americans overwhelmingly want to stay in their own homes as they grow older. According to AARP, nearly 90 percent of seniors want to stay in their homes as they age. This isn’t surprising; to many people, change of any kind signals a loss of control. So making the move to a senior living community may feel like you’re losing your freedom and independence. At Era Living, we understand that leaving a place you’ve called home for so many years and where you’ve created a lifetime of memories is difficult. We want to help you discover the many benefits to moving to a community of like-minded people and a staff who are interested in helping you live your best life.

There are many misconceptions about life at a senior living community. Here are just a few.

Myth #1: I’ll lose my independence

The truth is that today’s senior living communities are designed to maximize residents’ independence. From having your own living space to having someone else take care of all housekeeping and maintenance, the hassle-free lifestyle at senior communities allows residents to have more free time to pursue the things they love. Many communities provide nutritious and delicious meals in restaurant-style dining rooms, a wide range of daily activities and the peace of mind of knowing that, if your health needs change, there is a professionally trained staff on hand. Overall, senior living communities are designed to provide residents with options to help them live independently and thrive longer.

Myth #2: I can’t bring the things that mean the most to me

While moving to a senior living community will require you to do some downsizing, you will still be able to personalize your own living space with your favorite photos, books, knickknacks, and even some favorite pieces of furniture. You can also bring your favorite jewelry whether a ring or a Huge Link Sterling Silver necklace for men, a stamp or coin collection as well as your favorite CDs and DVDs. If you are ready to let go of some of your jewelry pieces, you may sell gold jewelry to a trustworthy gold buyer.

Myth #3: Only sick people live in senior living communities

Nothing could be further from the truth! Independent living communities are designed for people who are seeking an active lifestyle and have opportunities for socialization, exciting activities, and fun events. While many people living in assisted living communities face some health challenges, senior living communities were created to keep people actively engaged in life and living as independently as possible.

Myth #4: I won’t be able to engage in my favorite hobbies

Senior living communities have a large roster of daily activities, from exercise classes to book clubs to cooking classes to game and movie nights. Many communities also provide a P-Patch for garden enthusiasts. Not only can you continue enjoying your favorite hobbies, a senior living community provides the opportunity to learn something new! If you have a hobby or interest that isn’t offered in a community that you would like to continue pursuing, like playing a game app that pay real money, you can often start a club or join a committee to provide recommendations. Many senior living communities have resident committees to provide input on everything from activities to menus.

Myth #5: I can’t bring my pet

Many communities allow pets, so you can bring Fido along with you! We understand the importance of pets to both emotional well-being and physical health and are delighted to welcome your dog, cat, or goldfish to our family.

Myth #6: Senior living communities are too expensive

When you compare the costs of maintaining a safe and secure home to having one, convenient monthly payment that covers rent, utilities, housekeeping, maintenance, meals, and assistance as needed – as well as the numerous socialization for seniors opportunities available, senior living begins to look less costly, especially when you consider that aging in place may become more expensive as you age, with renovations such as walk-in baths, ramps, and other home modifications.

Myth #7: I’ll be lonely

Senior living communities are characterized by the numerous activities they offer, including informational presentations, trips to local attractions, and life enrichment programs. Most communities have new resident groups as well as men’s groups, women’s groups, and more! At Era Living, we have an extensive array of activities available every day and we have a compassionate staff of people who are here to help you acclimate and feel right at home.

The truth of assisted living is one of comfort, safety, activity, and life engagement. Living well is life’s best reward, and at Era Living, we work every day to help our residents to live life to the fullest. Learn more about our communities and what senior living can offer you by contacting us below.

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