Mar 1
Quality of Life Enhanced Through Research-Based Memory Fitness Program

Quality of Life Enhanced Through Research-Based Memory Fitness Program

Memory Fitness is a program unique to Era Living and its communities.  Its development began nearly a decade ago when Era Living community leaders recognized a need to enhance quality of life for residents with early stage dementia and Alzheimer’s.  Subsequently, Era Living community leaders met with and sought advise from some of the country’s most accomplished cognitive health researchers.

In collaboration with researchers, Era Living team members learned about effective methods of supporting people with early stage dementia and Alzheimers.

Today, the Memory Fitness Program allows residents with symptoms of early stage dementia and Alzheimers to engage in stimulating conversations, participate in activities designed to support their wellbeing, and partake in excursions designed specifically for them.

Memory Fitness is available at Aljoya Mercer Island, Aljoya Thornton Place, Ida Culver House Broadview, Ida Culver House  Ravenna, The Gardens at Town Square, The Lakeshore, University House Issaquah, and University House Wallingford.

Recently, Memory Fitness leaders from The Lakeshore and University House Issaquah were invited to speak about their work.

Please take a listen to this KIXI Seattle radio interview.