May 4
Mother’s Day Gift Guide for Caregivers

Mother’s Day Gift Guide for Caregivers

As Mother’s Day draws nearer this year, we find our thoughts turning to caregivers. We know women make up the majority of the caregiving population in Seattle and across the country. In many cases, they are caring for elderly parents and their own children at the same time. According to The Family Caregiver Alliance, 60% of caregivers also work full or part-time. These factors combine to make a very busy and often stressful life for family caregivers.

On Mother’s Day, to help you honor the women in your life who are caregivers, we’ve pulled together a list of gift ideas.

Six Mother’s Day Ideas for Puget Sound Caregivers:

  1. A “maid for a day” is great idea for an overwhelmed caregiver. You can hire a cleaning service to come in for a few hours to take care of household chores that may be neglected because there just aren’t enough hours in the caregiver’s day.
  2. Healthy meals are another option to consider. Caregivers often eat fast food on the run which can lead to a health crisis of their own. A Mother’s Day gift for a caregiver might be a freezer full of home-cooked meals that can be pulled out as needed or a gift card to a local restaurant that offers a healthy carryout menu.
  3. The gift of laughter can help relieve the stress most caregivers live with every day. You could give the caregiver tickets for a newly released comedy at the local movie theater and offer to stay with the children or her aging loved one while she enjoys a night out with her spouse.
  4. Another idea not to overlook is a spa afternoon. It could be for a massage, pedicure or facial aesthetics. Even a make-over might be appreciated by a caregiver who likely doesn’t spend much time on indulgences.
  5. A beautiful journal and nice pen might also make a nice gift. Journaling has been shown to help relieve caregiver stress. The American Heart Association has some helpful hints for creating a Caregiver Journal.
  6. Our Mother’s Day Guide wouldn’t be complete without including the gift of flowers. While it might feel like a cliché, a beautifully arranged bouquet of fresh flowers can be a great way to brighten the caregiver’s day.

We hope these suggestions have provided you with the inspiration you need to make Mother’s Day more memorable than ever for the caregiver in your life!