Mar 20
The Lakeshore: Renovation Reveal Party

The Lakeshore: Renovation Reveal Party

The Lakeshore is perched on the shore of Lake Washington. Neighbors often swoon over dinner invitations because the sunset views from the dining room are amazing.

Ushering in a New Era at The Lakeshore

On Wednesday, March 21, The Lakeshore will host a Renovation Reveal Party from 2 p.m. to 4 p.m. Residents and guests will celebrate in the famous dining room. Champagne and cocktails will be served along with an array of hors d’oeuvres. 

“The Lakeshore is a lovely place to live,” says Executive Director Lindsey Pelland. “The renovation refreshed the interior spaces of our community.  The refined look brings new vitality to shared spaces.  And, it highlights the beauty of our surroundings.”

Renovation of The Lakeshore

About six-months ago, work began at The Lakeshore.  The renovation started in the dining room.  And, continued through several common spaces. Those spaces include the Fireside Room, media room, administrative offices, and in the wellness center. 

Traffic flow in common areas is now easier.  Thanks to the new design elements, more natural light streams into the building.

The renovation also included new decor. The teams changed flooring to cork tiles Sydney, lighting, paint colors, furnishings, and more.

“Stylistically, we mixed the dynamics of air and water because we wanted to create a lighter environment,” says Era Living Director of Capital Projects Kristina Chalfant. “Then, we expanded spaces. We think residents will find it easier to welcome friends. They can also maneuver around the elevator area, and relax in the enhanced wellness center.”

There are a few areas where the renovation team focused. Special emphasis was given to the Fireside Room where custom display units showcase local art.  And, a new fireplace was put in.

Additionally, to welcome residents and visitors, new cylinder lighting fixtures were installed in the reception area.  The intention is to convey a light, airy feeling from the moment people step inside the community.

About The Lakeshore

The Lakeshore opened in 1995 and is part of Era Living, a family owned and operated, Seattle company of eight premier retirement communities. The Lakeshore offers a warm and vibrant lifestyle, with beautiful views of Lake Washington and Mt. Rainier.  To schedule a tour please call (206) 772-1200 or click here to learn more.