Nov 19
How Senior Living Communities Help Older Adults Stay Healthy

How Senior Living Communities Help Older Adults Stay Healthy

In recent years, researchers have learned more about isolation and the role it plays in an older adult’s overall well-being. We now know that seniors who don’t have the ability to stay connected and engaged with the world around them experience more health problems including diabetes, depression, high blood pressure and obesity.

Choosing to grow older in a senior living community, surrounded by peers and opportunities for life enrichment, may help seniors live longer, healthier lives.

The Health & Wellness Benefits of Senior Living Communities

Here are a few of the benefits adults who chose to move to a senior living community enjoy:

  • Life enrichment activities. Communities such as Era Living promote wellness and life enrichment. Activities are designed to engage the mind, body and spirit. Residents can be as active as they chose to be. It might be by joining a Lifelong Learning program on the British Empire or Contemporary Ethics or by taking part in an on-site Art Gala.
  • Optimal dining experience. Well-balanced, nutritious meals prepared for you are yet another benefit of senior living communities. Seniors who live in their private home, especially those who live alone, may be tempted to skimp on good nutrition. It can put older adults at greater risk for malnutrition and even for falls. A healthier lifestyle gives you more energy to engage in the world around you.
  • On-site wellness programs. An increasingly popular amenity in senior living communities is the wellness program. Residents benefit from senior-friendly exercise programs such as yoga, tai chi and Pilates. Some communities also offer swimming in saltwater pools. These active aging programs also offer health classes, blood pressure checks and other routine prevention programs.
  • Supportive living environment. Senior living communities are designed to support safety. Unlike older homes that often pose fall risks from uneven stair treads, poor lighting and outdated bathrooms, these communities are designed to prevent falls and promote safety.
  • Decreased stress and worry about maintaining a home. Let’s face it. Being a homeowner is a lot of work. From maintenance and repairs to keeping the lawn mowed, it can create stress for seniors who might be struggling to keep up. Older adults who move to a senior living community are free to enjoy life unburdened from the upkeep of a home. Lower stress results in better health.
  • Like-minded neighbors. Having the opportunity to share the highs and lows of aging with peers whom you can relate to is important. When you have people to share the journey with, you feel more connected. The informal gatherings that take place throughout the day afford residents the chance to build and strengthen their network of friends.

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