Jun 15
Father’s Day Gift Guide for Your Senior Dad

Father’s Day Gift Guide for Your Senior Dad

For many families who can now safely see each other in person, this Father’s Day may feel more joyful after having spent it apart in 2020. For some seniors, it may be the first holiday they’re spending with children and grandchildren in over a year. You may be thinking of ways to make it memorable for the dad(s) in your life, so we’ve put together some suggestions and ideas. When thinking about the best options, consider building in a way to spend time together—for many dads, that may be the best gift of all.

Treat him to his favorite hobby

Think about his favorite ways to recharge and/or relax. If it’s a creative outlet like painting or photography, he might like a class or appreciate a new creative tool. (You could also take a class or do a project with him.) If he loves being on the water or outdoors in general, you might schedule time together to go fish or walk in a state park. And if he enjoys building things from scratch or repairing cars, he might love a car show or a set of work tools. You may also help him with his health concerns. For instance, if he experiences erectile dysfunction, you may help him find a suitable treatment.

Cook or eat a favorite meal together

Whether he grills, appreciates gourmet restaurants, or loves exploring locally sourced fare, there are great ways to enjoy his favorite food together. If you need restaurant ideas, Eater.com is full of articles and reviews of restaurants across the country (searchable by major cities). And for cooking ideas, The Food Network offers many varieties of delicious recipes to make together.

Create a meaningful gift

Photos are, of course, the go-to option for memory gifts—and these days, there are many ways to make them fun and creative. From the requisite frames and photo calendars to customized puzzles, blankets, wall tiles, or homemade collages, they’re wonderful ways to remember joyful and important moments. You could also have regular photos turned into paintings—and if you’d like to try this yourself, YouTube offers plenty of tutorials.

Other meaningful gift options for dads can look like restoring a momento or prized possession (like a badge, medal, watch, or trophy), framing a degree or certificate, or finding a rare music album from an important time of his life.

Get a professional family photo

Especially during the pandemic, it may have been a good while since the whole family was in the same room together. Hiring a photographer like this Raleigh family photography service for a photo session can be a fun way to celebrate, gather, and capture a current time in your lives. The best pictures can happen during relaxed, unposed moments, so you may consider having the photo session outdoors or in whatever setting helps everyone feel at ease. It’s important to feel comfortable with your photographer as well, so it may help to have at least a couple family members interview them with you.

Surprise him with a small ‘guys’ meetup

While this may not be able to happen on actual Father’s Day (since other friends/dads may be celebrating with their families), you can arrange for the surprise to happen close to the day. This might look like reuniting with a friend or relative he hasn’t seen in a long time, gathering hobby buddies together, or arrange for a lunch of just the men and boys of the family.

Give a memorable experience

Consider this a chance to treat him to a block of time for whatever he wants to do. If he’s no longer driving, it will be even more of a gift to offer yourself at his disposal. Ask if he wants to visit a favorite or childhood neighborhood or school; treat him to a favorite restaurant meal or movie; or even offer a day or overnight trip to explore a favorite place or event within driving distance.

No matter how you decide to celebrate your father this year, just making time to be together will make it extra memorable. For those who have parents living in an Era Living retirement community, we’d like to remind you that most of our communities are currently open to visitors. Residents in open communities can have up to four visitors at a time for indoor gatherings, and if you are planning a visit in your loved one’s apartment, you do not need to schedule ahead of time. For more details on visitation guidelines, please visit our full list here.

This Father’s Day will be a joyous celebration for many. At Era Living, we are thrilled to be able to welcome families into most of our communities to help honor this important occasion. And we want to wish all dads a very happy and special Father’s Day this June 20. You deserve it!