September 25, 2020

Era Living Seniors Share Their Secrets for Getting Through These Extraordinary Times

Quarantine Resources

The coronavirus pandemic has disrupted our lives beyond what we ever could have imagined. All of us have had to cancel plans, adapt to staying home more, and cope with seeing loved ones virtually instead of in person. During these extraordinary times, it can be challenging to stay positive and productive. If you could use a little dose of inspiration today, we encourage you to watch the video below that features Era Living retirement community seniors sharing their secrets for getting through these tough times.

More Tips for Finding Connection & Joy During the Pandemic

At Era Living retirement communities, seniors are finding a range of ways to nourish their minds, bodies, and spirit during the pandemic.

Physical Activity

Seniors at Era Living are taking advantage of the virtual and distanced exercise programs that staff provide to stay active. And on nice days, many seniors go out to the gardens to walk. Taking extra care of your physical health is important during times of higher stress. Exercise has immediate positive effects on the mood, by increasing dopamine, serotonin, and endorphins in the brain.

Laugh every day

For one Era Living resident, laughter is the best medicine. And to help others laugh, he hangs up a white board outside his apartment with jokes for other residents to enjoy.

Whether it’s giggling over a comedy podcast, sharing funny stories with friends, or watching your favorite light-hearted TV show, laughing never fails to help us feel better about, well, almost anything. It’s based in science: laughing has been shown to boost those happy hormones dopamine and endorphins, relieving feelings of anxiety and stress. Try to laugh with friends and family members for those extra connection benefits, too.

Set goals and learn new skills or hobbies

Many residents at Era Living have used their time spent at home to write their life stories. Others have picked up new hobbies such as painting. Setting goals and learning new skills helps keep the mind busy and it can help provide a sense of accomplishment.

About Era Living

At Era Living retirement communities, we help residents find connection and joy in extraordinary times. Our communities feature gardens that are ideal for outdoor gatherings, technology that brings loved ones that much closer, and a variety of virtual and distanced activities to nourish your mind, body, and spirit. Plus, we cover the cooking, cleaning, care if you need it, and more. Contact us today to learn more.