Oct 23
Era Living Retirement Living Communities Make Transportation Easy

Era Living Retirement Living Communities Make Transportation Easy

Some people think life at a senior living community means being stuck at home. At Era Living, this couldn’t be farther from the truth! Some continue to drive their personal vehicles, and as long as they have the proper insurance and a car accident attorney from a reputable car accident law firm to contact in case anything happens, they can do so freely and happily. Other on the other hand make the decision to stop driving, but when it comes to getting around, there’s nothing to worry about. Between a personal driver service, buses and shuttles, ride sharing, and public transportation, Era Living has you covered.

An Active Senior Living Community Helps You Get Around

Era Living is proud to offer Personal Transportation, our concierge driving service for personal appointments. The reasonably priced service takes away the stress and cost of parking with door-to-door drop-off. Even our driving residents sometimes prefer to use Personal Transportation.

Personal Transportation is available several days each week at every Era Living community. Medical appointments are given first priority when rides are booked, but many residents also use the popular service for other personal needs, like shopping, social outings, and self-care appointments. Residents can also share rides to the same area or travel one way to lower the cost, which is billed to them once a month.

When you need a companion to accompany you to an appointment, Personal Transportation offers the option of an escort. Escorts for appointments are arranged depending on availability and specific needs.

“Our Personal Transportation drivers get to know our residents,” says Aljoya Mercer Island Executive Director Marla Becker. “Sure, they drive residents to and from appointments, and they are patient, safe drivers who have an open ear for resident concerns. It’s a comforting experience.”

All Aboard! Seattle-area Retirement Community Residents Travel All Over Town

For those who enjoy traveling in small groups, Era Living bus service offers plenty of options. Residents can take it to do everything from running errands and shopping to trying a new restaurant and cheering on the Mariners.

A sign-up sheet helps you plan by providing a list of popular destinations and interested residents. The bus service also offers cultural adventures like outings to museums, symphonies, and gallery tours. The chances to learn, explore, and socialize are always available. Group outings are just one way that the Era Living communities strengthen resident connections and support active retirement lifestyles.

Active Senior Lifestyles with Access to City Life & Public Transportation

Riding the Metro bus can be a great way to access our city. Among our retirement communities, Aljoya Mercer Island, Aljoya Thornton Place, Ida Culver House Ravenna, Ida Culver House Broadview, and University House Wallingford are each located within a block of Metro bus stops. And, soon Link Light Rail stops will be positioned near Aljoya Mercer Island and Aljoya Thornton Place.

King County Metro buses often use bus-only lanes. This eliminates traffic headaches and can often get you to your destination faster than driving. Plus, without the need for parking or parking fees, you’ll love the convenience of riding the bus.

“There is a bus stop steps from our front door,” says Aljoya Thornton Place Executive Director Danielle Parkins. “Residents use the Metro bus to access all sorts of Seattle destinations. They often remark about how much easier it is when traffic and parking aren’t their concern.”

Ridesharing Residents

Whether by carpooling with friends, grabbing a taxi, or using their apps, more and more residents are ridesharing. Many of our residents are app-savvy and can confidently request a car with Lyft or Uber. They’re great people to ask for help if someone’s having trouble with an app. And of course, the Era Living staff is always there to help as well. Our staff members are happy to call a service, whether it’s a Metro Access bus or a taxi if that’s preferred.

Walkable Neighborhoods

In most of the neighborhoods where our retirement homes are located, it’s easy to explore and do life on foot. Many of our communities offer highly walkable and safe neighborhoods with shopping and restaurants. Residents get their exercise in and run errands while enjoying fresh air and beautiful scenery.

Stuck inside? Definitely not! With all the ways to get around, Era Living residents (both driving and not) have a ton of options for exploring, being productive, and taking care of themselves. And Era Living staff and community are always here to help.

If you’re considering a move to senior living, see what all our communities have to offer and get in touch—we’d love to meet you and answer your questions.