Jan 29
Driving Aids for Seattle Seniors

Driving Aids for Seattle Seniors

If you or an older adult in your life has health conditions that may make some safe driving practices more difficult, there may be a solution. Newer driving aids can assist with everything from entering and exiting the vehicle to making it a little easier to wear a seat belt. If they need their own vehicle, you may help them find a new honda car or used cars that have great safety features and easier for seniors to drive. Going for a used car from sites like Zemotor.com rather than a new one can save you big bucks in several ways.

We thought it would help our local Seattle readers if we shared a few of the tools you can use to modify yours or your senior loved one’s car to make driving less difficult and safer. If they get involved in a traffic accident, you may help them find a vehicle accident attorney who will advocate for their rights and interests.

Equipment to Support Older Drivers

1. Swivel Seat Cushion. Entering and exiting the vehicle is a time when seniors are more likely to experience a fall. Being able to safely rotate your body while climbing behind the wheel can be difficult for those with balance problems. Swivel cushions that are placed on the driver’s seat make the process easier.
2. Seat Belt Pulls. Reaching over the shoulder to grab and pull the seat belt can be painful for older adults with back and shoulder problems or arthritis. Seat belt pulls act as a handle to give an additional four to six inches of reach, making it easier to close the seat belt.
3. Pedal Extenders. Another driving aid that can help stay safer behind the wheel is a foot pedal extender. These products extend the length of the vehicle’s pedals. They allow people to reach the pedals without sitting too close to the steering wheel. Most of the devices also have a non-skid surface to decrease the risk of a foot slipping off of the pedal.
4. Mirror Adaptors. There are also products designed to adapt car mirrors to provide a better view of the surroundings. Among the many options are panoramic and blind spot mirrors. Aside from this, you can also purchase car shades because it’s incredibly beneficial for your comfort.