Jan 12
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Creative Ways to Add More Movement into Your Day

Staying active throughout the day can help the body stay limber, energized, and strong.  Even during the pandemic and colder winter weather, there are plenty of creative ways you can add more movement to your day to supplement a daily workout routine. Try some of these ways to keep moving from morning to night, and you might be surprised at the little—and fun—ways that movement can sneak into your day.

As with all exercise, Era Living recommends talking with your doctor to know what movements are right for you.

Take a few house laps

It might seem a little silly, but taking a few tours around the home can add up to a few minutes of movement. You might give yourself a goal of passing each room 10 times, reversing your path each time, or walking laps during a commercial break or the lasting the length of one song. As an added bonus, this is also a great way to warm up on chilly winter days.


There’s nothing like trying out a new or complex recipe as a way to stay on your feet and keep your body moving. Make it more fun by cooking virtually with a friend, perfecting your holiday cookie recipe, or batch-cooking easy immunity-boosting soups and brews.

Dance party

A party of one can still be a party when you put on your favorite songs, clear a space, and just let your body move to the music. Or if you’re craving community, join others in free online dance classes.


Working on an indoor garden or out in the yard can keep you moving with light garden tasks like planting, potting, and trimming. As an added bonus, gardening also helps add more structure to the day with a schedule for watering, adjusting light and temperature, and fertilizing.

Ankle and foot strengthening

Whether standing at the store or at the stove, you can build stability in the ankles with standing heel lifts. (You can also get extra stretch by doing this off the edge of a step.) Not only does this keep you moving, but ankle stability and mobility are important in protecting against fall risk.

Make phone calls standing or walking

Inside or out, phone calls are a great excuse to multitask. You could set a goal of a certain amount of phone calls each day or week will be on your feet.


It’s surprising how cleaning can work up a sweat—scrubbing the tub can very quickly start to feel like a workout. Try tackling stubborn stains or residue, banishing the dust bunnies, freshening up the furniture, or even skipping the washing machine and handwashing a few items instead.

Use the home to challenge yourself

No class or gym needed for short workout breaks. Canned goods can be hand weights; the counter is there for modified push-ups or planks; the stairs can be a place for step-ups and balance work. Even just a few minutes of challenge can be creative and fun.

Adding more movement to your day doesn’t need to be complicated. Try these creative ways to keep active, if you’re interested in learning more wellness tips from Era Living  retirement communities, browse through our blog today or join our mailing list by entering your email address below.