Jun 9
Creating a Meaningful Father’s Day Celebration

Creating a Meaningful Father’s Day Celebration

Every year our country pauses on the third Sunday in June to honor fathers, stepfathers and grandfathers. This is a special day dedicated to sharing our love and appreciation with these important men in our lives.

As we grow older, holidays like Father’s Day often become less about presents and more about being present. The gift of time is usually what our elders appreciate most.

How can you plan a meaningful celebration for Father’s Day this year?

Think about the men in your life and how they’ve always enjoy spending their time.

Multi-generational Father’s Day Celebrations

Here are a few suggestions to help you get started:

  • Baseball Game Outing: Is your father or grandfather a baseball fan? Did you spend time going to games as a kid? Whether it is Little League or Major League, consider organizing a family outing to a baseball game near you.
  • Fishing Trip: Depending upon your father or grandfather’s health, you can arrange a family fishing trip by preparing your boat, purchasing spare boat batteries, and bringing along your fishing accessories. It might be a bigger adventure such as a charter boat, or you could all go Delaware river canoeing and enjoy a delightful view. Pickel fork boats for sale are available for you on Shoppok’s website if you’re looking for affordable ones online.
  • Organize a Family Talent Show: If traveling beyond your older loved one’s retirement community isn’t feasible, consider organizing a family talent show. Family members can perform on their own or in a group. The object is just to have fun and create a day to remember.
  • Movie Night: Another easy to arrange event might be a family movie night. You could host it at your Dad’s retirement community or meet at a local movie theatre. The summer has a variety of family-friendly movies that will be premiering.
  • Plan a Father’s Day Picnic: Organizing a family picnic is another great way for the generations to enjoy one another’s company on Father’s Day. This can be as simple as renting a pavilion at one of Seattle’s parks or talking with the staff at your father’s retirement community about reserving space there. Everyone can bring a dish to pass to keep costs down.
  • Back to Nature: If your father was someone who always enjoyed the great outdoors, organize a nature walk. It can be an easy stroll or a longer hike to identify favorite animals and fauna. The Lifelong Recreation program can help you identify locations that are senior-friendly. A bird book and pair of binoculars might be the perfect gifts to help your Dad thoroughly enjoy his special day!

One final tip is to remember the sunscreen, bottled water and a hat for your dad if you will be spending Father’s Day outdoors in the sun. And don’t forget to take pictures to commemorate the day!