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Celebrating the Superhero in Our Lives — Father's Day 2023

Celebrating the Superhero in Our Lives — Father’s Day 2023

This year Father’s Day is on Sunday, June 18th. Showing how much you care doesn’t have to break the bank- here are a few ideas for an extra special day with Dad!

If you’re lucky enough to still have your father around, there’s no reason not to spoil him a little on Father’s Day. As the pandemic is finally wrapping up, it’s even more meaningful to spend time together. Here are some creative gift and activity ideas for you to celebrate that special old man in your life.

Acknowledging their legacy, preserving memories, expressing gratitude and celebrating self-care are unique ways to show your love and respect. More often than not the time, attention and appreciation you show goes further than any material item could. As we all know, a memory lasts forever. What memories do you want to make?

Outdoor Activities With Dad 

Everyone loves getting outside for some warmth and sunshine. Here are some activities that are enjoyable but not too difficult- leaving plenty of energy for conversation and laughter. Enjoy some fun Washington activities with pops!

  • A scenic drive through some of the Pacific Northwest jewels: Whidbey Island, Camano Island. Whidbey Island is a fun place to explore and take a day drive. Visiting Deception Pass Bridge and Deception Pass State Park are senior-friendly day trips to explore both ocean and forest beauty.
  • A day trip around Bainbridge Island! Just a short ferry ride away from downtown Seattle, you can either walk on the ferry or bring your car over. While on Bainbridge Island, don’t forget to visit the historic downtown area of Winslow or meander through the 240-acre Grand Forest or Bloedel Preserve. On the way back to the ferry, grab lunch or walk along the water to enjoy a beautiful view of the Puget Sound.
  • See the stunning waterfalls at Snoqualmie Falls. Just off I-90, this easy drive to North Bend, Washington is accessible from Seattle and offers beautiful views and many different boardwalks to view the Snoqualmie Falls. Make a reservation for lunch or dinner at the Snoqualmie Falls Lodge to round out a nice day.

Give Dad the Gift of Time

What is more meaningful than time together? A day in good company allows time to share about our lives and open up in new ways. Offering to help with home chores, house projects, organization, or downsizing a cluttered space are all great ways to be of service. Redeemable coupons are also creative and fun; make a cute coupon for an activity he loves that he can redeem when he wants to! Ideas could include a movie night, a long drive, fishing, or a meal ticket to his favorite restaurant. This way he gets to let you know when he wants to see you!

Ways to Celebrate Your Dad Without Buying More Stuff

You don’t have to go bankrupt to show you care, and some folks just don’t have room for more things. Putting material items aside, staying at home can be just as fun as going out. Consider cooking his favorite meal or serving his favorite dessert.

Supporting self-care can also occur in a myriad of ways: a certificate for a body massage, a trip to a day spa or bathhouse where he can enjoy soaking and steaming in the sauna. Who doesn’t love a little TLC? 

Express Gratitude with Homemade Gifts

Homemade gifts are everyone’s favorite! There are many ways to express your gratitude for dad that don’t involve purchasing a gift. Write a heartfelt card, letter, or create a video with your family as a lasting act of love and appreciation.

Other ideas include photo albums: making prints of his favorite photographs, creating an album for him to revisit his fondest memories, or digitize his photos and upload them to a digital picture frame. A digital picture frame is a great way to archive old photographs he loves, also it gives him the chance to share with friends and family online, while helping to declutter space.

Just Have a Fun Day With Dad

Really, you can’t go wrong when your heart is in the right place. Any action driven by goodwill is bound to bring joy. Make the effort to acknowledge and preserve the impact your dad has had on your life, strengthen your bond and show gratitude in small but meaningful ways. Simply being present, offering a smile, and expressing your love will brighten his day.

From all of us at Era Living- Have a Happy Father’s Day!

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