May 31
Art & Aging: How Art Collections Evolve in Era Living Communities

Art & Aging: How Art Collections Evolve in Era Living Communities

Come celebrate art, beauty and culture with the residents of Era Living during our upcoming art galas. Come and learn more about Era Living’s long-standing commitment to the arts.

Not everyone knows this but Era Living has a deeply artsy side. From a permanent collection that includes original work by Chihuly to a rotating curation of select artists, our thriving art collection gives residents access to an expansive artistic experience.

Art is more than just aesthetics. Numerous studies have linked art to both mental and physical health benefits that enhance one’s life quality. Not only does art promote longevity, it also adds to the depth of our connection and understanding of one another. Knowing this, it’s no wonder Era Living’s core values include art, culture and beauty.

How Art Helps Us Live Longer, Happier Lives

A number of medical studies highlight the deep connection between art and health,  encouraging organizational funding in support. From nearly all angles, the results are clear: art leads us to live healthier, longer lives.

Studies supported by EpiArts Lab, a nationally-funded epidemiological study on the effects of art on public health, found that engagement with the arts promotes a decreased risk of depression, an increase in mental health, and a reduction in adverse health behaviors and loneliness. In other studies, participants who engaged in local arts and social engagement activities exhibited a positive upswing in their overall emotional well-being.

Because of such research, organizations have followed suit. The National Endowment for the Arts contributes vastly toward lifelong learning programs for older adults, that being just one example of many.

Era Living’s Permanent Art Collection

Era Living has long witnessed this real and beneficial correlation, inspiring the time and effort taken in Era Living’s own art curation within our communities.

With hand-selected curation by June Sekiguchi and Anna Macrae, all eight of Era Living’s premium retirement living locations have permanent art that reflects both the residents that live there and the surrounding community. Rotating art exhibits change every four months; both residents and family members are encouraged to submit original art.

June and Anna not only curate but are also artists themselves. June Sekiguchi makes sculptures, installations, and public art. She is a founding member of the artEAST Art Center and is currently on the board of the Asia Pacific Cultural Center. Anna Macrae is also an active artist, showing at the SAM Gallery and Shift.

Through crafted curation and public outreach, Era Living fosters a unique art-loving niche in the community, bringing residents up close and personal to a number of famous works from both local and internationally famous artists. Amongst those in the permanent collection are Dale Chihuly, Lois Graham, Faye Jones, Joe Max Emminger, James Martin, and Steve Jensen. June Sekiguchi helped bring local artists Stephanie Hargrave and Deby Harvey into Era Living’s inspiring permanent collection.

Era Living encourages residents to partake in the curation of their art collections. “I’m working with Kathy Gore Fuss to do an interactive installation with residents, making flower garlands to create a reflecting place for healing.” explained June Sekiguchi, “We have also done an inventory of art in the non-public spaces at the different communities to refresh the art in the corridors and work with the design teams when renovations happen to secure permanent art.”

When asked what she savors most in curating for Era Living, June said “Refreshing the art every four months is something to look forward to and activate the space. The art exhibitions are conversation starters as a social foundation to enrich daily life.

2023 is no exception, with a handful of fun and exciting shows already scheduled. For a link to one of our residences online virtual tours, please visit here

Join us at one of our next gala receptions

Our gala receptions are typically a meet-the-artist event featuring food and drinks, live music and sometimes even an art demo raffle. Upcoming events can always be found on our events page. We can’t wait to see you there!