July 30, 2015

7 Cities to Consider for Retirement

Planning a Move, Why Senior Living?

As older adults begin investigating cities to consider for retirement, there are a variety of factors to take in to consideration. For some people, the biggest concerns might be to find a city with a good public transportation system or an easy-to-access health care system. For other older adults, a vibrant cultural scene or opportunities for continuing education classes are the top priority.

7 Cities to Consider for Retirement

Depending upon what is most important to you, here are seven cities to explore when you are planning for your retirement:

Phoenix, Arizona: This sunny city makes it on to a variety of best retirement city lists ranging from Huffington Post to Bankrate.com. Weather, health care, a low crime rate and affordable living options help make Phoenix and the surrounding communities of Mesa and Scottsdale an attractive area to retire.

Seattle, Washington: Another city that often appears on popular retirement destination lists is Seattle. While the cost of housing can be higher than in other areas of the country, Washington doesn’t have a personal income tax. Older adults have multiple opportunities for outdoor activities, continuing education, and the arts.

Des Moines, Iowa: A surprising choice to see on a list of retirement destinations, Des Moines has much to offer. A low crime rate and a low cost of living are both attractive to seniors. The city is also home to a rich cultural scene, an extensive park system and opportunities for continuing education.

Fort Myers/Cape Coral, Florida: A less surprising choice, this area is known for its clean and beautiful beaches. Ft. Myers is home to many senior living communities, as well as a variety of private and public golf courses, restaurants and a thriving arts community.

Franklin, Tennessee: This vibrant suburb of Music City is home to more than just country music stars. Health care options for retirees include the highly respected Vanderbilt University Medical Center in nearby Nashville. A quaint downtown, rich cultural and historical destinations and no state income tax add up to a good choice for retirement.

Madison, Wisconsin: The Milken Institute named this Midwestern town its top pick for successful aging. With 11 hospitals in the area, a low crime rate, continuing education opportunities and an abundance of recreational choices, Madison is another city to consider.

Austin, Texas: This southwestern city routinely makes the list of best retirement cities in publications ranging from Money Magazine to Forbes. With an emphasis on healthy living, Austin is an all-around great town to live in. Older adults benefit from a low crime rate, robust cultural scene, and a fairly affordable cost of living.

Retirement Communities in the Greater Seattle Area

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