Apr 22
6 fun ways to connect with your grandkids on the phone

6 Fun Ways to Connect with Your Grandkids on the Phone

During this time of staying at home, the phone is becoming even more important to keeping kids and grandparents connected. But between apps, texting, and online win real money games, most kids aren’t using their phones to actually talk very much. And depending on their age, they may still be building conversation skills. Talking on the phone may seem intimidating and awkward, because they might not know what to say or how to start.

There are ways to make a phone conversation easy, fun, and something to look forward to such as by talking about games like W 88. Try these six fun ways to connect with your grandkids (or great-grandkids) on the phone — and see if they get chattier than you expected!

Video Chat “I Spy”

Whether it’s FaceTime, Skype, Google Duo, or Facebook Messenger, there are multiple options for a video chat and ways to see each other. Take it one step further with a game of “I Spy.” Simply show the room you’re in by reversing the camera on your phone and have your grand kid guess the thing you’re focused on.


Are your grandkids learning instruments, or do they just love to sing? It may be fun to set up a video chat or phone call so that they can play for you. You could also take turns teaching each other a song you each like. Whether it’s James Taylor or Taylor Swift, you may be surprised at who teaches who!

Three Things

Asking someone to name the best part of their day is a good conversation starter. Take it one step further by asking your grandchild about the three best parts of their day or week, and you can share your highlights in return. It’s a way to learn about each other, and as a bonus, is a subtle way to practice gratitude.

Mad Libs

Enjoy a few rounds of kid-friendly Mad Libs! There are printable pages you and your grandkids can use to play together. If you have never played Mad Libs before, you can learn more about the game’s history and how to play here. The silly combinations of misplaced nouns, verbs, and adjectives are almost guaranteed to end in giggles.

Whimsical Questions

From “What superpower would you choose and why?” to “What do you think animals would say if they could talk,” whimsical questions can give you and your grandkids fun ideas to imagine together. Here are more ideas for creative questions that spark the imagination.

Dream and Plan Together

Staying home and quarantining has been difficult for people of all ages, but especially for seniors and children. While it’s uncertain when social bans will be lifted, it’s important to our mental health to stay hopeful and plan (even if tentatively) for the future. Write down ideas for what you and your grandkids will do together given the first chance—whether it’s going out for ice cream or traveling to a national monument—and keep those dreams close by for the day they can come true.