Sep 26
UW School of Nursing Celebrates 100 Years and Partnership with Era Living

UW School of Nursing Celebrates 100 Years and Partnership with Era Living

The University of Washington School of Nursing is celebrating its 100th anniversary this year. Its rich history of leading the way in nursing education makes this milestone something to recognize and honor. Part of what has made the school so successful is the partnerships they’ve developed with other healthcare organizations and community leaders. One of these partnerships includes Era Living and the Almo family.

In 1990, Eli and Rebecca Almo, who were in the process of opening their first retirement community, reached out to Dr. Sue Hegyvary, who was the dean of the School of Nursing at the time. What instigated their desire to connect was an article Dr. Hegyvary had published about the aging population and the shortage of gerontology nurses. Together, the Almos and Dr. Hegyvary created a program where students could apply their education and research of older adults into practice at their new senior living community. The program is still thriving and benefits both students and Era Living.

Other achievements of this partnership have included working with the Washington State legislature on long-term care policies, which has the ability of helping older Washingtonians to “age in place,” receiving care in the comfort of their own homes rather than needing to move due to changes in conditions. The partnership has also resulted in many research studies, NIH grants, and wellness programs at Era Living communities, all of which improve care delivery and enhance the lives of older adults, which lies at the very heart of who Era Living is as a company.

One of the wellness programs currently being employed at Era Living communities includes the Enhance® Fitness program, an evidence-based wellness program that focuses on improving participants’ muscle strength, balance, and agility. Era Living also works with the school on identifying and developing technology-based solutions that address the various challenges older adults are facing today.

Another example of the UW School of Nursing’s commitment to helping people age well is the de Tornyay Center for Healthy Aging. The Center is a resource for faculty, students and practicing professionals interested in helping older adults continue to thrive as they age. Era Living is very involved in the Center and some of its residents have participated in the Center’s research.

All of us at Era Living congratulate UW’s School of Nursing on this major milestone. We are pleased to have been a part of this outstanding program and look forward to continuing our partnership for many years to come.

Era Living is pleased to have a collaborative relationship with other schools and organization at the University of Washington.

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