Sep 22
Tips for Decorating Your Apartment Home for Fall

Tips for Decorating Your Apartment Home for Fall

Many of us celebrate a change in seasons with a change in our living space décor, like new colors, plants, or scents. In senior living communities, there are many creative ways to decorate your apartment and balcony while working with the space and storage available. If you love decorating for fall, but want to avoid extra things to store once the season is over, try some of these simple and space-saving ways to mix up home décor beyond the pumpkin-themed mainstays. You may also invest in a polymer shelving system to help make your place more organized.

Add door décor

Sometimes all you need to do is hang something on your front door to create a mood. It’s a way you can greet yourself when coming home and bring a fresh energy into your entryway. While there are plenty of typical fall-themed wreaths and materials available at craft stores, there are some wreath variations that can stay on past Thanksgiving—or even serve as a holiday centerpiece. (And don’t forget a festive welcome mat.)

Give your home a glow

The glow of decorative lights never fails to make any room more festive and cozy. Even without any other decorations, warm string lights, lanterns, and flameless candles can all create an effect all on their own. And there are plenty of creative ways to make your lights fall-themed. To avoid any accidents or diy disasters, you may let professional electricians install your new lighting system. You may contact your trusted electrician in your area.

Create a balcony “room”

When it comes to decorating your apartment balcony as an extension of your home, it may help to think of it as a separate room with its own theme. Hanging plants, string lights, and bright blankets and pillows can give it instant atmosphere; bamboo screens can offer privacy; and multifunctional storage benches and ottomans can both save space and offer seating for sunsets.

Try a minimalist approach

For those wanting to feel festive but avoid décor overwhelm in a smaller space (as well as taking up more storage), try these ways to work in décor into what you already have. From throw pillow covers to shower curtains, there are ways to make your space feel seasonal while keeping both costs and clutter low.

Freshen your indoor garden

There are plenty of seasonal plants that can add your favorite fall colors to centerpieces or as accents. You can also check out your local garden center—or even your local park—to gather bright leaves, dried grasses, and other striking plants. And even just rotating your plants to different rooms or switching out your planters can help give a sense of freshness to your space.

Bring in subtle scents

As they’re strongly associated with memory, scents can have very powerful effects on us. Like the smell of drying autumn leaves, they can also sometimes signal the start of a season. Whether you lean to the sweet, spicy, or outdoorsy scents, the right one can bring out excitement for the season and bring back good memories. Try a candle or room spray—or add scents naturally by baking cinnamon apples or brewing homemade chai.

Living in a smaller space doesn’t mean you can’t decorate seasonally. Try these tips to embrace the cooler weather and be sure to sign up for our newsletter below for more senior lifestyle tips!