Jul 20
The Lakeshore: Renovation Reveal Party

The Lakeshore’s Renovation Combines Form & Function


With sweeping westerly views of Lake Washington, The Lakeshore is ideally situated for Northwest living. Few things compliment awe-inspiring views better than great design.


A union of form and function sit at the heart of a renovation project now underway at The Lakeshore. Common areas are being expanded, redesigned and refined.


“Residents are at the center of everything that we do at Era Living,” said Era Living Director of Capital Projects, Kristina Chalfant. “We have timed construction work to move in phases, causing as little disruption as possible.” To further improve the construction’s speed, the workers or even the ones in-charge can read review.


Chalfant and her team will begin their work in The Lakeshore’s dining room. Its renovation will be complete this fall. Next, they will replace the flooring with a lovely ceramic tile (which they will buy from a local tile dealer) on the first floor and timber flooring on the second, as well as the paint in the activity room. Then, the media room and administrative offices will be moved to make space for an expanded wellness center. The wellness center is slated for its big reveal in early 2018.


“The residents are going to really enjoy the new interiors,” said Chalfant. “Stylistically, we are bringing nature in by mixing the dynamics of air and water to create a lighter environment. Couple this with expanded spaces, and we think residents will find it easier to welcome friends, maneuver around the elevator area, and relax in the enhanced wellness center.”


In addition to changing out flooring, paint colors, and lighting in the common areas, the renovation team is particularly proud of special features unique to The Lakeshore. A new fireplace is being installed in the Fireside Room along with art nooks that will display locally curated works. Cylinder glass lighting fixtures in the reception area are another design highlight.


“The lights are beautiful; they look like something from a ship,” said Chalfant.


Staff at The Lakeshore has been working in partnership with Chalfant and the Era Living renovation team for months to prepare for the work. Residents and staff are in regular communication about the project.



 More about The Lakeshore

The Lakeshore opened in 1995 and is part of Era Living, a family owned and operated, Seattle company of eight premier retirement communities. The Lakeshore offers a warm and vibrant lifestyle, with beautiful views of Lake Washington and Mt. Rainier.  To schedule a tour please call (206) 772-1200 or click here to learn more.