July 13, 2023

Podcasts for Seniors: A New Educational Tool

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Podcasts Are Major Contributor To Adult Learning

Podcasts have exploded in popularity over the years with nearly 424 million people worldwide listening in on a regular basis, including close to 25% of the United States’ senior population. For those who are unfamiliar with this medium of entertainment, a podcast is an audio program or talk radio series that can be enjoyed on demand, featuring a variety of industry experts exploring new perspectives and reasoning.

This active learning approach is especially supportive for aging adults. Podcasts are easily accessible and offer entertainment, mental stimulation and a sense of social interaction. Listening to a podcast is informative and stimulating to both physical and mental health. Recent studies elaborate on these findings; researchers at James Cook University commented “Listener motivations are varied: some people focus on the enjoyment that listening creates while some noted benefits to their well-being, such as relaxation, modifying their mood, and feelings of comfort and community.”

Era Living is harnessing 30+ years of experience within the industry through our own podcast series with a desire to share, educate and expand awareness on topics the aging population is navigating today.

Era Living Podcast Explores Senior Living Lifestyles Today 

Era Living’s podcast series hosted with Answers for Elders features our very own industry experts engaging in discussion over top-of-mind issues for aging adults today. While most aging adult content is focused on health and fitness, there is a whole world beyond that to explore. Listen today from the convenience of your smartphone, tablet or computer. 

Hosted with Suzanne Newman, Answers for Elders examines senior lifestyles and livelihood amongst our residents. We regularly broadcast guest interviews with experts such as doctors, therapists, residents, and other specialists working in the field. 

A Variety of Topics to Choose From

Answers for Elders goes above and beyond the typical podcast in addressing a diverse set of questions and needs that are critical within the senior community. Join us to dive deeper and learn more from these important topics and conversations. 

Past topics include:

Where to Listen In

Answers for Elders can be found on multiple platforms including Spotify, TuneIn Radio and Apple Podcasts. For those who like to follow along visually, the Answers for Elders website features episodes with audio transcripts and our video library on YouTube has both visuals and closed-captions. Listeners can stay up-to-date by subscribing to receive notifications for newly released episodes.

Stay Tuned!

In future episodes, we will explore community lifestyle, culinary and dining, health and wellness along with resident interviews that detail the personal journey of selecting a retirement community. Subscribe and tune in today!

Contact us for any assistance with senior living and tune in to learn how Era Living positively impacts the lives of seniors in their 8 premier senior living communities.