Dec 7
Celebrating the Dedication and Impact of Era Living's Partnerships

Celebrating the Dedication and Impact of Era Living’s Partnerships

As the festive season begins and we give thanks for a successful year, we wish to extend our heartfelt appreciation to the esteemed organizations that have played a pivotal role in the realization of Era Living’s mission.

In operation since 1987, Era Living has always been an active member of the community and we hold a deep commitment to maintaining wholesome, positive relationships. Our partnerships reflect our values and we are proud to collaborate with organizations committed to uplifting and empowering older adults.

Let’s take a deep dive into the rich history of partnerships and sponsorships that Era Living has supported, highlighting some of the magic we have uncovered along the way.

Decades of Dedication: Our Timeless Partnerships

Era Living acts as a sponsor in numerous ways, from co-sponsoring or underwriting special events for seniors to providing speaker series, educational seminars, and curated art galas. Our wonderful chefs have helped with off-site catering for special partner events. We also host special events including volunteer appreciation parties and summer picnics.

Partnering with outside organizations is very much in alignment with our company mission ‘to respect and honor older adults by enhancing the quality of their lives,’ said Business Development Manager Tina Hall. “We look at partnerships as a long-term investment in our future, an opportunity to give back to the local Seattle community, and a way to develop programs and offer more to our residents, not as a means for short-term gains.”

Era Living provides direct funding and sponsorship to support a number of programs in our community. For example, we have worked with NEST (North East Seattle Together) and the Phinney Neighborhood Association Village for over a decade to support the aging population. Interactions involve many levels of participation; at one point, members from NEST created The Puffy Pandemic Parade for Era Living residents, a memorable time for all.

An ongoing partnership with the King County Library System led to a series of “Baby Boomer Bootcamps” held through the City of Issaquah and Issaquah Valley Senior Center, helping to educate older adults on a wide variety of topics relevant to aging and life-planning.

Era Living takes a service-minded approach, recognizing the value of maintaining positive relationships and supporting seniors and our broader communities. Partnering with organizations allows us to build long-term relationships engendering trust and demonstrating our competence, ethics and commitment to seniors, beyond those living in our communities,” said Tina Hall. “This often leads to people organically selecting an Era Living community when they’ve determined they are ready to move because they already know and trust us. Our residents also benefit from these partnerships through presentations, wellness programs developed over the years, and in some cases access to member benefits.

Our longest-lasting partnerships are with various departments within the University of Washington, a longtime advocate and champion of aging resources. Our UW partnerships go deeper than all of the others in that we co-sponsor special events, host research studies within our communities, develop healthy aging programs, and host UW speaker series for our residents.

We have worked with the UW School of Nursing for over 30 years, and also maintain strong relationships with the University of Washington Retirement Association (UWRA), the UW School of Pharmacy, and the UW School of Social Work.

Our two University House communities have partnered with UWRA since the start, and the UWRA even serves as an advisory board for these communities. Members of UWRA receive special benefits such as priority status on our waitlists. All University House residents have access to UWRA events, even if they are not members.

Other organizations that we have been proud to work with include Seattle Parks and Recreation, Lifelong Recreation, Eastside Friends of Seniors, Eastside Neighbors Network, Issaquah Senior Center, SouthEast Seattle Senior Center, Renton Senior Center – and more! We will continue to develop and maintain relationships with these and other wonderful organizations in the future.

We invite you to see for yourself why our residents love living in our communities. We have unique holiday events coming up with our partners and we’d love for you to join!

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