May 5
A Mother's Day Gift Guide for Aging Mothers

A Mother’s Day Gift Guide for Aging Mothers

Mother’s Day is coming right up! Are you ready?

Spending time with Mom is easy- but knowing what she wants might be hard. Gifting can be especially challenging if there are space limitations or they are particular in taste. How can we best celebrate our mothers in their elderly years? 

From quality time to homemade gifts- we’ve got you covered. Let’s take a look at how Mother’s Day originated before exploring some fabulous gift ideas for that special mom in your life.

The Origins of Mother’s Day

A favorite springtime holiday, Mother’s Day has always been popular in the United States. Falling on the second Sunday of May, Mother’s Day comes to us just as the world is budding with new life. This year the holiday falls on Sunday, May 14th.

A staggering 122 million calls are made on Mother’s Day alone, making it the busiest phone day of the entire year. Celebrating the Mother has been a global tradition for centuries, with many cultures celebrating their own form of Mother’s Day. 

In the United States, we first celebrated Mother’s Day in 1914. During the Civil War, a woman named Ann Jarvis intentionally created community between mothers from both sides of the war. From her life’s work came “Mother’s Friendship Day,” the premise leading up to Mother’s Day. It wasn’t until after her death, in 1908, when daughter Anna Jarvis initiated the holiday to honor her mother and all mothers.

With over 25% of all annual flower sales going towards Mother’s Day, it’s clear we want to make our moms feel special. What are some ways to celebrate our mothers beyond traditional gifts of chocolates and flowers? Let’s take a look.

The Gift of Quality Time

What is more precious than time spent together? For many mothers, just seeing their children puts a smile on their face. A day in good company can be more memorable than any gifted item. Here are some creative ways to gift quality time to your mother:  

  1. Digitize photos: Digitizing her photos makes them more accessible to her. Offer to go through her photographs together, then scan and create a digital album with her favorite photos. If you don’t have a scanner, a photo can often be taken with a smartphone and sent through email.
  2. Redeemable Coupon: Consider using our customized redeemable coupons to print and place in a card for your mother. The coupon can be good for any type of activity she might enjoy with you; a walk in the park, a movie night, garden work, a date for her favorite dessert. What is something simple but fun she loves doing with you?
  3. Home Services: A very clever way to help a loved one is by offering your time to help with chores around the house. Offering to devote a certain amount of time each month to help with household tasks. Ideas could include yard work, laundry, house repairs or cleaning the carport. Ask how you could best be of service and see what she comes up with.

Special Homemade Gifts

If your mother is far away or if it isn’t possible to spend much time together, there are countless homemade gifts that are equally thoughtful. A handmade item can be simple and inexpensive while still being heartfelt and meaningful. Let’s look at a couple of great ideas we love:

  1. Memory Jar: Conceptualized by the Legacy Project, the memory jar is very simple to make. Find a nice jar, such as a large glass mason jar. Use small pieces of paper to write down your favorite memories together. Try to write at least ten memories, but add as many as you’d like! Fold the pieces of paper up and put them into the jar. This will give her many opportunities to walk down memory lane whenever she’d like.
  2. Freezer Meals: Everyone’s favorite- prepared dishes frozen and ready to go. Cooking freezer casseroles or other freezer-friendly meals offers a chance to gift her nourishing food while also making life just a little easier. If she’s tired and hungry, she can just put one in the oven and heat up food for the entire day. Preparing freezer meals not only saves time and money but is also a way to gift something nutritious and nourishing to the woman who nourished you.
  3. Photo Album: Gathering favorite photos and putting them together in an album is always a winning favorite. Consider making a collage out of old baby photos of your mother, showcasing different parts of her life. To avoid cutting up original photographs, you can either photocopy them or print copies digitally. Decorate the cover with the best photo you find and- voila!

A Few More Ideas 

Alright, alright. Sometimes we don’t have the resources to deliver something highly personalized, and that’s okay. Here are a couple ideas if you’re strapped for time and creativity:

  1. Care Gifts: The gift of pampering is a gift that fits everyone. Few mothers get the tables turned, what if you gift her an enjoyable day of relaxation? Options could include a spa treatment, a manicure or pedicure appointment, a hair salon appointment, or even a gift certificate to her favorite store. Who wouldn’t love that?
  2. Garden Gifts: For the outdoor-loving mom there are plenty of great ideas. A gardener’s tool seat is one simple way to offer support and storage all in one place. Potted plants and homemade plant markers are other great gifts for a woman with a green thumb. And if you’re unsure- just ask her to go to a greenhouse with you and learn what her favorite flowers and plants are. You won’t regret it!
  3. Creative Gifts: For the artistic mother consider presents that keep her creating. Adult coloring books are a fun way to reduce stress and enjoyably pass the time- you can find one for almost any topic. Do-It-Yourself crafting kits are another fun option- options could include macrame, beading, and painting. One nearly foolproof idea for Mother’s Day is to shop for scrapbooking or photo album supplies so your mom can put her favorite photos together in one album. 

Finding the perfect gift for your mom doesn’t have to be impossible. Use the ideas mentioned above and improvise when needed- you’ll brighten her day just by trying. And if you aren’t sure- just ask her!  

From everyone at Era Living, have a Happy Mother’s Day!