March 31, 2021

6 Ways to Welcome the Spring Season


As spring temperatures warm up and the days get lighter and longer, many of us enjoy a mood and energy boost. And with the recent availability of COVID-19 vaccines, this spring has a stronger sense of promise and celebration than usual. Here are a few suggestions for enjoying that spring energy and keeping it going.

Get outside for some fresh air

Pick a sunny day on the forecast and make spring a cause for celebration. You may want to walk through a park or garden, browse an outdoor farmer’s market, or arrange a picnic—perhaps with a bubbly toast to spring.

Bring the blooms indoors

Speaking of farmer’s markets, they often have wonderful flowers and plants for brightening up your home and benefiting our mental health. But wherever you get them, nothing says spring like daffodils, tulips, or peonies on the kitchen table.

Air out your space

By no means does this have to mean spring cleaning (unless you get inspired). Simply opening windows, curtains, and patio doors to bring in sunshine and spring air can help a space feel more fresh, open, and breathable. To keep the good air going, you can also spray or diffuse light essential oils for an extra mood lifter. If in case you are looking for a good window replacement, learn about this about Maverick Windows her.

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Get creative with your energy

It’s no coincidence that many poems have been inspired by the energy and new life of spring. Whatever your creative outlet of choice, you can use that same inspiration and have fun with it. Photograph budding plants, draw or paint, play a song, or add another storytelling piece to your legacy. And if you’re a cook or baker, any of these lemon-themed recipes will brighten up both your kitchen and your palate.

Give your home a refresh

Your space will feel even lighter and renewed with a mini refresh. It might be as little as a few minutes of clearing out some unused or winter-related items, adding artwork or decorations, or changing out blankets and pillows.

Revisit your 2021 intentions

If you started out the new year with intentions or goals, spring is a perfect mile marker for a pause to think about how they’re going. You may be spurred on to make more progress, or you may realize there’s a need to adjust them. If you hadn’t set any intentions, that’s okay. You can set intentions anytime, and a new season like spring is a great time to think about your values and what you want to experience in the near future.

We hope you feel energized and inspired by the spring air and sunshine! For more ideas on enjoying simple pleasures and living well, check out our full blog list on senior topics.