Vaccine Rollout

We are pleased to share that our residents and staff at Era Living retirement communities were among the first priority for the COVID-19 vaccine, and vaccine clinics were held in each of our communities starting early in 2021. As of February 12, 89% of all residents and staff have received at least their first dose, including 98% of all residents and at least* 75% of staff.

FAQs about Era Living’s COVID-19 Roll-Out Plan

Which vaccine will be administered to your residents and staff?

Th Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine is being administering in our initial vaccine clinics. 

Who will administer the vaccine?

Walgreen’s clinicians will administer the vaccine in compliance with CDC guidance.

Is any advance paperwork or payment required?

Residents and staff will need to complete the necessary consent form, but the vaccine will be free of charge. Resident and staff’s insurance, or the Relief Fund if uninsured, will be billed by Walgreen’s to cover the administration costs.

When will the clinics occur?

Each community has three dates scheduled:

  • Date 1: Initial vaccination
  • Date 2: Booster shot for people who attended first clinic or initial shot for those who missed the first clinic
  • Date 3: Booster shot for people who had their initial shot during the second clinic

The first two clinics were complete at each community as of February 12. More detail is available on the third clinics from the individual community. 

Are residents and staff required to get vaccinated?

At this time, we have chosen not to mandate the vaccine for residents or staff members. We believe that mandates make people more skeptical and resistant, especially for a new vaccine that was approved through emergency use authorization. We instead focused on helping everyone get the information they needed from trusted sources, so they could choose to get vaccinated with confidence.

We are proud to say that our education and awareness efforts paid off. Across all Era Living communities, 89% of residents and staff were vaccinated (98% of all residents and at least* 75% of all staff).


Can family members of residents and staff get vaccinated?

Due to limited supply during the first phases of the vaccine distribution, we are unable to offer this to family members at this time.

Additional Resources About the COVID-19 Vaccine

Walgreen’s is gathering the latest insights about COVID-19 vaccine safety and effectiveness, and common questions from patients, all in one place. Stay up-to-date by visiting their website.

Additionally, the CDC has a comprehensive website covering a variety of topics related to the COVID-19 vaccines here.



* Some employees were vaccinated through other jobs. We are only counting employees if they have given us a copy of their vaccine card, and we expect this number to be higher once we get all documentation.