Vaccine Rollout Plan

COVID-19 vaccinations have begun in the United States. We are very excited for this milestone, as it has the potential of preventing serious illness and death from COVID-19. It also helps us get us closer to returning to a more normal life at our Era Living retirement communities.

While the vaccines have been under development, our leadership team has also been preparing to obtain and administer the vaccine once it becomes available. Earlier this year, we worked through the CDC to partner with Walgreen’s to arrange for conducting community vaccine clinics at each of our Era Living communities. We are pleased to share that our residents and staff will be among the first priority, included in phase 1A of the rollout in Washington. Vaccine clinics have so far been scheduled for early January at two of our retirement communities, including The Gardens at Town Square and Aljoya Mercer Island. We expect the clinics to be scheduled at the rest of our communities soon.

FAQs about Era Living’s COVID-19 Roll-Out Plan

Which vaccine will be administered to your residents and staff?

While we do not yet know for sure which vaccine will be administered at our clinic, it is our understanding from the Department of Health (DOH) that initially Washington has requested the Pfizer vaccine. DOH reported that it requested the Pfizer vaccine because it was the first to be provided and its reported side effects were fewer than the Moderna vaccine. At this juncture, it is unclear whether the Moderna vaccine will be available in Washington during the initial rollout.

Who will administer the vaccine?

Walgreen’s clinicians will administer the vaccine in compliance with CDC guidance.

Is any advance paperwork or payment required?

Residents and staff will need to complete the necessary consent form, but the vaccine will be free of charge. Resident and staff’s insurance, or the Relief Fund if uninsured, will be billed by Walgreen’s to cover the administration costs.

When will the clinics occur?

The dates will be provided by each community as soon as Walgreen’s confirms them with us. There are two shots required, an initial shot and a booster 21 to 28 days after the first. We expect there to be three dates:

  • Date 1: Initial vaccination
  • Date 2: Booster shot for people who attended first clinic or initial shot for those who missed the first clinic
  • Date 3: Booster shot for people who had their initial shot during the second clinic

We are asking residents and staff to make the vaccine clinics a top priority once we announce the dates. We do not know when they will become available to us again, and it may be several months.

Are residents and staff required to get vaccinated?

This is ultimately a personal choice, and we want our residents and staff to understand that this may be their only opportunity for several months. We are encouraging everyone to educate themselves on the vaccine with credible sources such as those provided below and to discuss the vaccine with their doctor.

Can family members of residents and staff get vaccinated?

Due to limited supply during the first phases of the vaccine distribution, we are unable to offer this to family members at this time.

Additional Resources About the COVID-19 Vaccine

Walgreen’s is gathering the latest insights about COVID-19 vaccine safety and effectiveness, and common questions from patients, all in one place. Stay up-to-date by visiting their website.

Additionally, the CDC has a comprehensive website covering a variety of topics related to the COVID-19 vaccines here.