Feb 9
University House Wallingford Celebrates New Look at Art Gala 2

University House Wallingford Celebrates New Look at Art Gala

The art gala and exhibition, Nourish: The Body and Soul, set the tone for a celebration that showcased the newly remodeled common areas at University House Wallingford.

After careful planning, construction work, and with the final décor details in place, University House welcomed residents, family, friends and artists to enjoy the new look of the community’s lobby, gallery, auditorium, dining room and fitness center. To highlight the beauty of the new spaces, art is displayed throughout the community as part of a new exhibition.

“There are amazing artists who live here at University House, some of the best I have seen,” said University House Wallingford Resident, Donna Boyles. “To see our artists in this beautiful room with their art, and know their stories is a very special experience.”

University House Wallingford is an inviting community, and its beautifully refined appearance seems to be enhancing social experiences for residents and visitors alike.

“The new look of our community is elegant and comfortable,” said University House Wallingford Community Relations Director, Ike Almo. “It seems the renovations have encouraged more people to gather in the gallery and lobby areas for conversation and enjoyment.”

At the gala, residents and their guests enjoyed live jazz, and a painting demonstration by Seattle Artist, Ethan Jack Harrington. It was a lovely way to usher in the building’s many new and beautiful features.

University House Wallingford is affiliated with the University of Washington Retirement Association. The community is a destination for retirees who desire a vibrant way of life that includes lifelong learning with access to art and culture, lectures from top academic minds, an emphasis on civics, and programs for healthy living.

If you would like to see University House Wallingford’s new look or to learn more, please call Community Relations Director, Ike Almo at 206-545-8400 to arrange a personal visit.